OCTOBER 24-25, 2023

24-25 October 2023 | via Falzarego 35, Cagliari | Free entry | NC-18 years 🔞

In collaboration with Skepto Film Festival and cultural association ARC OdV | USN Sardinia Queer Film Expo


A new appointment with Fish&Chips Film Festival, the erotic and sexual film festival based in Turin lands in Cagliari thanks to the long-term relationship with Skepto Film Festival, an international festival dedicated to independent short films aimed at creating a safe space for sharing and offering a different point of view about sexualities.

A purpose shared by Fish&Chips which has been present at the Sardinian festival since its birth in 2016 and which this year will present the selection of the SHORT FILMS and XXX SHORT FILMS competitions of the 2023 edition to the Cagliari audience.

Saturday 10th e Sunday 11th September 3PM @Via Capellina 2, Torino

Organised by Collettivo Fallopratica
Fai il cazzo che ti pare – Laboratorio ceramico di confidenza col piacere is a workshop dedicated to the creation of custom sex toy: clay will be the means to become curious and to experiment within a context of exchange and free confrontation. The objects of pleasure created during the workshop will be handed out on Sunday, September 25, the closing night of the festival. Fallopratica will also assign the awards created ad hoc for the occasion, which will be presented to the two winning short films.
The workshop can be attended by a maximum of four people per day: no previous experience required!
Price: €60. Book by writing to hello@fishandchipsfilmfestival.it by September 9.

Thursday 22nd September h. 9 PM @Cinema Massimo – Sala Cabiria

Driven by her feminist ideals and dreaming of using her law degree to change society, the young and brilliant black lawyer Simone is specialized in the defense of ill-treated, raped, abused, and discriminated women. In her private life, after ending a past as a cam girl to pay for her studies, she experiences new erotic practices, alone and with different partners, feeling more and more attracted by the BDSM universe and the connection between violence and eros. Combining the notion of decoloniality with the debate around gender and race, the third feature film of Brazilian director Julia Murat, winner of the Pardo d’oro at the latest Locarno Film Festival, will be premiered in Italy at the Fish&Chips Film Festival.

Friday 23rd September 6.30PM @Unione Culturale Franco Antonicelli

Theatrical performance by Linda Porn, organized in collaboration with the organization Il Colorificio and activist Valentine aka Fluida Wolf
La Llorona (2021) is an audiovisual stage performance based on the Mexican myth of the Llorona created in the colonial era, reinterpreted from a feminist and contemporary perspective. An indigenous Mexican woman, accused of murdering her children because she’s been abandoned by her conquistador husband, is condemned to wander for eternity in Mexico City, weeping in mourning. Using different languages and a militant interpretation, this performance, for the first time in Italy, questions the basic concepts of the myth itself: misogyny, racism and colonialism.
Free entry / Up-to-you
Trigger warning: self-harm will be practiced during the performance and blood will be seen.

Saturday 24th September 2.30PM @Blah Blah

Workshop by Psicoerotica Femminista
Erotic energy is a very powerful life engine that is not exclusively related to sex as a shared relational practice. Due to contextual needs or existential impediments, sometimes it’s difficult to turn your sexual desire into physical satisfaction. But sexuality unfolds in many different forms, and pleasure can find alternative ways of fulfillment.
Come find out what is your most fulfilling way to keep the flame of pleasure alive and crackling, together with pornoactivist Slavina and relational psychoanalyst Serena Calò.
Price: €7. Book by writing to hello@fishandchipsfilmfestival.it by September 23.

Saturday 24th September 11.30PM @Off Topic

Dj set by MALORMONE CREW (gender confusion) and DIAVOLA (afrobeat/electronic/new club) + Sexual Vjing
Fish&Chips brings also back its usual party! DJ sets will feature Malormone Crew and Diavola from TOMBOYS DON’T CRY, a transfeminist queer platform based in Milan. XXX screenings will merge into a continuous video installation the works of: Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörung, Mario Alfonsin, Pleasure Beyond Flesh, Bea Hoeller, Bruno Bottignon Dicolla, Mico Tagulalac, Elżbieta Anna Wieland, hiperlinque and Profânia, E Rady, Stuart Pound, Ugo Vittu and Peter the Moon, Ariana Molly, Kang Lee, Lars Kollros, Alexandre Medeiros, Max Kutschenreuter, Vanniall, Nat Portnoy, Jonathan Rodrigues, altSHIFT, Echo Chambers, Bea Blue, Four Chambers, Baccanti, Silvia Maggi, Ivan Sobris.
Free entry / Up-to-you

Sunday 25th September 4.30PM @Blah Blah

Meeting coordinated by Conigli Bianchi
From missed opportunities of the great Hollywood to the gems of independent productions, for 41 years cinema and TV have been sourced from the narrative potential of HIV. Through video excerpts and enlightening debates, Er Baghetta of the anti-serophobia artivist collective White Rabbits guides us on a journey inside the representations that shaped the imagery about HIV. To align with the warming climate of our political election, the audience will be asked to vote for the winners of the Intersectionality Award, the Activism Medal and the White Rabbit Oscar.
Free entry

Thursday 22nd September 7PM @Blah Blah

Photographs by Flebafenicio and Alessandra Maria Luigia.
Couples is an in-progress photographic and editorial project. The exhibition displays a series of nude portrays of couples of all ages and genders. Couples aims at showing the bonds between people and intimacy: nudity is an integral and functional part of the representation which can easily turn into erotic images. The final goal is to edit a large printed volume dedicated to the passion and intimacy that bonds us to each other.

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