awards ceremony

sunday 25 - h 9:00 PM

A corner bar of our sponsor Bitter Rouge will be set up for the evening.

According to Fish&Chips’ tradition, the final evening of the festival will be dedicated to an innovative and committed production company whose work manages to subvert the clichés of traditional pornography. This year we will pay tribute to the Teutonic HardWerk, born – as stated in the Porn Faq section of their website – «from a passion for both hardcore porn and cinema, and the belief that both can be conceived together». Specialized exclusively in gangbangs – claimed to be a consensual and sexually emancipatory practice – it was born in 2020 out of the meeting of director Rod Wyler and director and producer Paulita Pappel, who will present the project to the audience in the theatre.


2021 • Germany • 16′

The split screen creates a visual choreography that allows the four-way relationship to be viewed from multiple perspectives seamlessly: between BDSM and meditative sex. Featuring Mila Gold, So Noir, Rod Hardick, Fox Dalliance.


2021 • Germany • 16′

Set in a near science-fiction future, Lucy Huxley creates the scenario that most satisfies her desires through a digital interface. Men and their sperm become merely a tool to fulfill female fantasies. Featuring Bishop Black, Romeo, Shay Noir, Rod Hardick.


2022 • Germany • 16′

In the post-industrial areas of Berlin, Nina Sever, a non-binary performer, indulges in questions from filmmakers. Beyond verbal expression, gangbang and interview merge in a plot that reveals personal identities and interests. This third chapter of the Ask Me Bang series features Bishop Black, Dante Dionys, Noir So, Rod Hardick and Fox Dalliance.


2021 • Germany • 16′ • V.O.

Russ Meyer meets Blow Up‘s Antonioni: reversing the image of the despotic photographer, Maria Riot takes control of the studio and the models, whom she can dispose of as she pleases. Featuring Bishop Black, So Noir, Rod Hardick, Kinky Panda, Hunter S. Johnson, Roman Raw.

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