Short Films 2023

October 24 - 9 pm

Babičino seksualno življenje

Granny’s Sexual Life
by Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard
2021 / Slovenia- France / 14’ / animation

The memories of four grandmothers merge into a single voice, showcasing the condition of women in Slovenia during the first half of the 20th century. An intimate journey into their youth reveals how different relationships are between men and women.

Venus Retrograde

by Valentin Noujaïm, Nicolas Medy
2021 / France / 4’

A sophisticated and boring radio program is suddenly interrupted by an “erotic coup”. An invasion of queer women, with a campy aesthetic that focuses on the sensual and erotic universe of bodies.

Big Sur Gay Porn

by Ryan A. White
2023 / USA / 11’ / documentary *contains explicit content*
Italian Premiere

Big Sur, the fascinating central coast of California, comes to life through the memories of cult filmmaker Tom DeSimone and the production of a lost porn-gay movie shooted in those locations. This work reflects on the documentary value of gay pornography, a theme previously explored by the director in his two preceding films, Cruising Elsewhere (2017) and Raw! Uncut! Video! (2021), screened at Fish&Chips 2022.

D’autres chats à fouetter

Other Cats to Nip
by Ovidie
2023 / France / 26’
Italian Premiere

Accidentally locked out of the house during a role-playing game dressed as Catwoman, Paula goes to the carnival party at the school where she teaches. Masks and cross-dressing allow her to play different roles and subvert hierarchies of power and domination.


by Jamen Meistrich
2023 / USA / 8’
Italian Premiere

What if one day the addiction to pornography awakened a big monster? The protagonist has to take drastic decisions to overcome his own demons.

Love Me True

by Inés Sedan
2023 / France / 8’ / animation

Advised by a friend, Laurence searches her soulmate on a dating site. Dates and erotic encounters reveal her addiction to both smartphones and toxic relationships.


by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin
2023 / Norway / 14’
World Premiere

The end of a relationship traps the two protagonists in an erotic game of excitement and shame, exploring dynamics of sexual power within the couple.


by Flóra Anna Buda
2023 / France / 11’ / animation

Alice is 27 and lives with her parents and younger brother. She tries to make her life less boring by cycling, drinking and taking drugs. On her way back from a party, she has a serious bicycle accident. Will this give her the courage to become an adult?


by Lina Bembe
2022 / Germany / 4’ / music video

A music video for Maika Küster’s song, WTCHSONG stages pulsion and attraction, erotic desire, and power relations between two bodies that seem to dance in a dreamlike space-time.

La Machine d’Alex

Alex’s Machine
by Mael Le Mée
2022 / France / 25’
Italian Premiere

Alex studies engineering and is building a machine made of artificial flesh. Chloé, the roommate, one night discovers the secrets and true interests behind Alex’s inventions. The bond between human and machine is reminiscent of David Cronenberg’s cinema and marks the return to Fish&Chips of the French director.

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