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2022 • Brazil, France • 100′

OPENING – Thursday 22nd September h. 21.00 @Cinema Massimo – Sala Cabiria
Driven by her feminist ideals and dreaming of using her law degree to change society, the young and brilliant black lawyer Simone is specialized in the defense of ill-treated, raped, abused, and discriminated women. In her private life, after ending a past as a cam girl to pay for her studies, she experiences new erotic practices, alone and with different partners, feeling more and more attracted by the BDSM universe and the connection between violence and eros. Combining the notion of decoloniality with the debate around gender and race, the third feature film of Brazilian director Julia Murat, winner of the Pardo d’oro at the latest Locarno Film Festival, will be premiered in Italy at the Fish&Chips Film Festival.
Italian Premiere


2021 / U.S. / 80’ / Documentary

Friday 23rd September h. 20.30 @Cinema Massimo
California, 1980s, the rise and fall of Palm Drive Video. Celebrating fetishes that had never been represented before, that legendary leather porn video company tried to respond to the devastating AIDS epidemic that was tragically affecting the American gay community, by showing – in a bare, sordid and unique style, somewhat between a candid camera and an (involuntary) avant-garde – how extreme sex practices are still possible in an age of social crisis.


2022 • Canada • 95′

Friday 23rd September h. 22.00 @Cinema Massimo
Lidia (Skye Blue) is a model who discovers that her husband (Markus Kage) is having an affair with his friend photographer Sandro (Drew Dixon). Her desire for vengeance soon turns into a carnal lust that finally also involves her best friend (Vanna Bardot) and Sandro’s partner (Sean Ford), in a whirlwind of sexual intercourses and swinging. A pungent comedy of errors, produced by Lust Cinema and set in the vacuous world of fashion, with an all-star cast directed by Bruce LaBruce.
The film will be introduced by Marco Petrilli.


2019 / U.S. / 85’ / Documentary

Saturday 24th September h. 11.00 @Cinema Massimo
Sex workers and the big screen: a liaison marked by cultural misunderstandings, stereotypes and biases which has been lasting since the dawn of cinema. A universe described with dark hues, dominated by overwhelming, exploitation and despair… but what about those who live such a working condition by choice, what do they think about it? A metacinematic documentary that also tells us something about the society in which we live.
The screening will be followed by a meeting with sex worker Elettra Arazatah and film historian and lecturer Giulia Muggeo on the topic of the portrayal of sex work in the film industry.


EL ABOLICIONISMO ES UNA CUESTIÓN DE CLASE Y RAZA (2018 • Spain • 18′); K Y SU DILDO ANAL (2013 • Spain • 2′); PUTA MESTIZA (2014 • Spain • 10′); TRÁNSITOS (2018 • Spain • 35′)

Saturday 24th September h. 14.30 @Cinema Massimo
Between documentary and video art, this forthcoming selection of short films by Linda Porn reveals her in front of and behind the camera. Among the themes, the rights of sex workers and the denunciation of the violence and the stigma that they suffer. Champion of the post-pornographic genre, Linda’s works stand out for their documentary and Do-It-Yourself style and tell us a lot about her experience as a performer and activist even through direct documentation, never neglecting her militant spirit.
The films will be presented by the director, Linda Porn.


2022 • Italia • 81′ • Documentary

Saturday 24th September h. 20.30 @Cinema Massimo
To make a profession out of their passion for sex, Pandina and Pandone, a Piedmontese couple of performers, create a porn web channel on demand called Radiopornopanda. But what does such a choice entail, even at the human and emotional level? What are the consequences of embracing a job which is “not normal”, as they defined it themselves? Mauro Russo Rouge tells us about it with a disenchanted, light and knowing look.
The film will be introduced by director Mauro Russo Rouge and his two protagonists, Pandina and Pandone.


2022 / U.K. / 68’

Saturday 24th September h. 22.15 @Cinema Massimo
London. Ever since Nora moved into her new home in an elegant Victorian mansion, her hearing suddenly becomes portentous whenever she masturbates, allowing her to hear everything that takes place beyond the walls of her home. When someone is getting killed, she is the only witness… A funny and entertaining supernatural detective story, directed by Lidia Ravviso under the aegis of Erika Lust: Agata Christie meets erotica.
The film will be introduced by director Lidia Ravviso.


2022 / Italy / 69’ / Documentary

Sunday 25th September h. 11.30 @Cinema Massimo
The days look all the same to Rosalia and Matteo, two residents of the Carlo Alberto old people’s home in Turin, bound together by a feeling of mutual longing that calls for physical expression despite their aging bodies, the strict rules that regulate their life at the hospice, and the constant presence of nurses. An intimate documentary facing a topical issue, produced with a contribution from the Film Commission Torino Piemonte.
The film will be followed by “Vecchi innamorati: intimità e sessualità oltre gli stereotipi”, a conference on sexuality in the third and fourth age, attended by director Elisabetta Calamela, producer Francesca Riccardi, geriatric psychologist Cristina Villa, sexologist and psychotherapist Giovanna Verde and Elisa Sevino, founder of the concept store Lovever.


2021 / Sweden, Netherlands / 108’

Sunday 25th September h. 14.00 @Cinema Massimo
Nineteen-year-old Linnéa arrives in Los Angeles from Sweden determined to become a top starlet of the international hardcore scene. An extremely tough apprenticeship awaits her, one that will make her realize what she really wants and what she is willing to endure to get it. A painful, mimetic, coming-of-age tale that depicts today’s porn production through some of the leading names of the American red-light industry. Presented at Cannes and Sundance.
The showing will be followed by a forum on the film with Turin performer Alyson Borromeo, who will tell us about her experience in the world of pornography.

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