Dj set by MALORMONE CREW (gender confusion) and DIAVOLA (afrobeat/electronic/new club) + Sexual Vjing

Fish&Chips brings also back its usual party! DJ sets will feature Malormone Crew and Diavola from TOMBOYS DON’T CRY, a transfeminist queer platform based in Milan. XXX screenings will merge into a continuous video installation the works of: Ann Antidote and Notorische Ruhestörung, Mario Alfonsin, Pleasure Beyond Flesh, Bea Hoeller, Bruno Bottignon Dicolla, Mico Tagulalac, Elżbieta Anna Wieland, hiperlinque and Profânia, E Rady, Stuart Pound, Ugo Vittu and Peter the Moon, Ariana Molly, Kang Lee, Lars Kollros, Alexandre Medeiros, Max Kutschenreuter, Vanniall, Nat Portnoy, Jonathan Rodrigues, altSHIFT, Echo Chambers, Bea Blue, Four Chambers, Baccanti, Silvia Maggi, Ivan Sobris.

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