Best Feature:
Yes, We Fuck! directed by Antonio Centeno, Raúl de la Morena

Best Short film:
Malas vibraciones directed by Flavia Santos, David P. Sañudo


Best Feature:
League of Exotique Dancers directed by Rama Rau

Best Short Film:
Memories of a Machine directed by Shailaja Padindala

Best XXX Short Film:
Heimat XXX directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer


Best Feature:
Un grande progetto directed by Giuseppe Longinotti

Best Short Film:
Rol directed by Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font

Best XXX Short Film:
Flower directed by Matt Lambert


Best Feature:
Sex Tape directed by Antoine Desrosières

Best Documentary:
The Artist & The Pervert directed by Beatrice Behn, René Gabhardt

Best Short Film:
After the Conversation, They Say Goodbye with an Embrace directed by Renan Brandão

Best XXX Short film:
Frostbite directed by Laura Rämö, Luna Kuu, Martin Jäger

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